EPFL Rolex Learning Center, Mar. 2008

Here my first experiences with the 135mm lens and the “EPFL Rolex Learning Center project”. Despite nasty weather conditions I was on the roof of the neighboring building to give it a try. In order to push the panorama a bit in height, I mounted the camera in vertical position this time. The image consists of two rows, with 2 left (max. shift 30 mm) + 1 center + 2 right (max. shift 30 mm)= 5 frames each, resulting in a total of 10 frames. The most outer ones showed already serious shadows, which made it necessary to crop some ten percent.

EPFL Rolex Learning Center, Mar. 2008

The image here is far from being satisfactory. Nevertheless I show it here, in order to point out the problems:

* The horizon was not carefully checked (I corrected this in Photoshop) !
* The focus is not perfectly set to infinity. The control only in the view finder is a bit tricky. Today with rain and wind, I dod not cross check carefully enough
* Most dramatic: In the upper row one shot is missing on the left side.

This example shows clearly that this kind of photography demands to work very slowly, taking enough time to check all necessary steps. In addition the file sizes are getting – let’s call it demanding – in terms of computing power. The image has a final size of 10800 x 7700 px, which would result in a 180 x 130 cm print at 150 dpi. 2 GB of RAM better 4 GB are strongly recommended.

I will repeat the session as soon as possible, taking above points into consideration and most of all installing the camera in horizontal orientation again.

Stay tuned ….

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