Backups – Who to trust ?

“I have all my data safe at xyz (to be replaced with the company name you chose)”. Well, for thousands of clients of DigitalRailRoad this turned out to be a false statement. Overnight, the company informed their clients that it will stop it’s services. Having countless clients trying to download or transfer TeraBytes of data at the same time caused the complete collapse – also no surprise.

What do we learn from this ? It’s never enough to trust in one strategy. One big drive at home can fail: data lost. Having all data at one service provider can be not enough. Only multiple backups that have to be synchronized of course are the only way to be “safe”.

My personal choice:

  • RAID-5
  • backup on Tapes (kept at a different location)
  • Archival DVDs

Read a more detailed article here.

And remember: There is nothing like too safe ….

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