What comes next after “Reverie” ?

Most of us have seen and enjoyed Reverie, Vincent Laforet’s amazing short movie, shot completely with a EOS 5D Mark II. In a recent interview on the Canon Digital Learning Center Website, he gives some insight on the production of this film, his experience while using this new camera for the first time and we learn that there are a few new projects in the pipeline:

“Right now there are three different projects in the works. One is actually happening at the end of this week and it is with a group of Parkour guys. Those are the people who jump from building to building, the French discipline. We are going to do a series of vignettes around the city that should be interesting.
The next project involves working with one of the winners of the Tribeca Film Festival to shoot his next film. And another project down the line involves doing a film on one of the top surfers in the world, in Hawaii.”

So, there is more to come soon and I am sure of that, will even exceed his amazing “first time” production.

We will see …

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