Getting over the cold days

view from the Mt. Saleve

view from the Mt. Saleve

While some prefer to stay at home in front of the warm wood stove, other are keen on capturing breath taking and chilly winter shots. I rather belong to the second group. With sub-zero temperatures at high altitudes good clothing is obvious, but how to prepare your camera gear ?

Nobody likes freezing, especially not rechargeable batteries of DSLRs. So besides having one better two spare battery packs with you, the best advice I can give, is to keep the batteries warm – in the pockets of your trousers e.g. and only put them into the camera for shooting. A very handy gimmick I found in a local outdoor shop: A so-called hand warmer, a little sealed plastic bag with some fancy chemistry going on inside which keeps up a nice and comfy temperature for at least a couple of hours. This put in a little bag together with the batteries guarantees even a longer winter shooting free of any worries. Last but not least, cold tripod legs are a nightmare, as the alloy can get so cold even your fingers get stuck to it. Also here, easy solution ahead: Some handle bar foam or rubber grip from the nearest bike store together with some heavy duty tape and the tripod is ready.

All in all just a few little pieces of equipment that make the winter outdoor photographer a happy. One thing I’ve forgotten – a thermos bottle with a hot tea is unbeatable.

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