Today, let me share a few of my photographic imressions with you …


Sometimes, the most interesting characters are just sitting around the corner. What is this guy doing there ??


This one is for my personal collection of billboards. Simple. Clear. And with a strong visual message. A winner … “Best german billboard 2008”.


This lady is enjoying a dinner with friends. You don’t see the lady ? Take a closer look ….


Did you know that 30 percent of the total surface of Berlin consists of water and local recreation areas.


Closeup on the Sculpture “1938-45. Trains to Life. Trains to Death”. Designed by artist and eyewitness Frank Meisler, the sculpture depicts children about to board a train as part of the “Kindertransport,” which is how Meisler himself survived. Many of those children never saw their parents again.


Inside “Oranienburger Tor” a selection of artists found a creative environment for working and presenting their art. In addition, this building is just a fantastic location for one of my future projects …

So much for today.

Stay tuned …

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