Location Scouting

If you are an outdoor photographer you are always on the hunt for interesting locations. And today was such a day for me. Checking out new and interesting places. And there are many of them around …

cable factory KWO

cable factory KWO

The KWO cable company was built in the years 1927/28. One of the many old factory sites in Berlin.

industrial crane

industrial crane

Here I imagine a Fashion Show ! Some colorful spot lights. A narrow long carpet …. Et voila ….

factory site

factory site

I will come back here with my Sinar large format camera, that’s for sure !

fire escape stairs on old factory site.

fire escape stairs on old factory site.

I love these stairs. In New York City they are around just everywhere. Here, it’s a more rare subject.

Comments are very welcome ! How do you find the location for your next big shooting ? Let me know …

3 thoughts on “Location Scouting

  1. Oh yes, crossing them. This seems to be a very cool location! In fact I often hear how nice our locations over here are. But the German industrial architecture is something almost totally gone in Switzerland and something I often wish would have remained in its older archaic states.

    Curious to see what you will show us;-)

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