Sometimes, you just get lucky …

For the more frequent readers of this little publication my “old architecture” project is not a secret anymore. Usually there are a few problems to deal with: The place is just not rotten enough, totally falling apart or it looks very interesting but is sealed off like Fort Nox. Today I was just lucky, as the main entrance gate was standing wide open, just shouting at me: “Come on in now … ! “. And what I could already suspect from the outside shoots I have been doing for a couple of weeks now turned out to be true.

Spindlers Feld, laundry

old bricks

The main complex is still not easily accessible right now – but also one side building turned out to be very interesting and still in a rather good shape. No risk to break through a ceiling or some old stairs.

Spindlers Feld, laundry, inside view

insdie view, laundry Spindlers Feld

Now, as the fire is burning, I am starting another approach to get the proper permissions to access the main building. Climbing through some hole in the wall is not a good idea for several reasons. First of all, safety first. Second, as I plan to use the large format camera here, some easy access is essential to get all the equipment safely inside. And last but not least, without a legal permission any kind of publication of the material is practically impossible afterwards …

More to come soon – so


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