home style cooking

4 Aces, Diner

Don’t worry – I am not going to write about cooking. Finding the right location for your shooting can be difficult and is an art itself, I would say. Imagine you want to shoot in the 1950s style, you imagine a classic diner, a gas station, some cool cars … While here in Europe you would probably need to go to a big film studio or similar in the US you just have to know where to go.

4 Aces, Gas Station

A little north-east of LA, in a place called Palmdale a smart person was just “conserving time” and is now renting out a place like described for film production or photo shootings. A smart way of making money, I would say.

The Four Aces Motel

More or less like having four aces in your hand !

For sure I will pass by during my next trip to the States ….

2 thoughts on “home style cooking

    1. Interesting! I checked the place on the web and it’s now a commercial “location for video and photo”. You can rent it for your own production, if you want.



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