Good software is either expensive

or it’s not really good ! Well there are exceptions. Hasselblad is for sure a synonym for high-end cameras and lenses. Users of the Digital Backs know the Image Processing Software PHOCUS.

PHOCUS V2.5 for Mac OS X

And here comes the interesting part: This piece of software does not only work with camera RAW files from around 150 cameras – Hasselbald or 3d party – it comes as a free download !

The first impression is very positive. All Capture One Users will feel “at home” right away. All the adjustment functions are there and intuitively easy to find and operate. The first feature that made me smile all over my face was the “export function”. After all adjustments and settings are done on the RAW file, it has to be exported and saved as a .tiff or .jpg or whatever. For some it seems to be only a little feature but for all of us who have to keep a huge archive of client work up to date, a fast and efficient naming scheme is essentail for a professional work-flow. And here PHOCUS strikes: From the camera RAW file name, that can be as “creative” as IMG_3456.CR2 it’ s just a few mouse clicks to end up with a continuously numbered file name like “63456_studio_223.tiff” and in one go a preview version named “6345_studio_223_preview.tiff”.

Several Layouts offer clever ways of organizing and presenting the files, depending if you want to get a first quick overview, start adjusting, add keywords and sort the image set, etc.

Tethered shooting with the camera directly connected via FireWire to the Computer is only working for Hasselblad cameras, well that would have been too nice.

In terms of image quality there is not much to say at this early stage of testing, but it looks as good as one could expect. A more in-depth test is coming soon …

On my Mac OS X system, I was using version 2.5 for these first tests.

So, stay tuned …

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