Downtime (via News)

Bad things can happen and will happen – Murphy’s law. The difference between total disaster and “some downtime” is how you are prepared. As you learned from the WordPress Team, Thanks to good Backup technology and recovery plans the majority of blogs affected were back up and running in less than one hour. Taking the amount of accounts that had to be checked and fixed, these guys did an amazing job.

As I always say: “Keep your backups up to date and in a safe place”

As some of you noticed, including a number of major media organizations, had some unexpected downtime on Thursday evening. Whether you're eating delicious BBQ, as I was, watching a marathon, or about to post your opus, downtime is an annoying interruption and we hate it. This had nothing to do with our network providers, or data centers, or aliens, it was completely our fault. A single line, nay, a single character out-of-place, sli … Read More

via News

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