Workflow and Backup Strategies

Old topic ! Boring ! I know all that !

This is what I hear very often, if I start discussing these topics. While the personal image Post Production work flow is of course a little bit like inviting tourists on the street to come and see the “holy grail” in one’s darkroom, to stress the importance of a wisely designed Backup Strategy should be “general knowledge” to everybody.

Summarizing my personal Backup Strategy in a few keywords would come up with the following steps:

  • On location I use only relatively small sized CF-cards in order to distribute the RAW files over many cards
  • Depending on the amount of cards used, I copy them on a small portable hard drive on the spot
  • Back home, all the RAW files are copied into my ARCHIVE (RAID-5 system)
  • a “working copy” stays on my work station for further Post Production
  • In regular intervals the ARCHIVE is backuped to Tapes, which are stored externally
  • In addition, important work, master files etc. are stored off-site, namely in the network accessible storage of a huge Service provider of your choice.
  • To give you an idea how that can look like (if you are a professional with the budget for a “meteor and bomb proof backup system”), check out CHASE JARVIS short video about Backup here :

    Stay tuned …

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