Nasty flare hiccup

Working on my series Cityscapes, I went out to catch the last sunlight over the old town hall in Berlin Köpenick around 20:15 today. A little bit too late, as I found out when trying to find a parking near the spot down at the river. Finally around 20:50 the sun was a bit too low already. Well, could be worse.

Town Hall. Berlin Köpenick. LF photograph

The bigger problem I had, looking at the first test-images, was the fact that I found a rather dominant flare in the center of the image. I know that the camera does not like frontal light. But as my location was well shielded under a group of trees and taking the position of the sun into account, I would exclude that as the reason for this nasty lucency. I will start some more systematic testing tomorrow. Some light-leak in the bag-bellow could be responsible.

Since quite some time, I am thinking about a lens hood for the Sinar camera. This might be a good idea. We will see what causes this unwanted effect.

Stay tuned …

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