Rock meets Art Photography

Farin Urlaub at the LUMAS gallery Berlin

Most of you might know Farin Urlaub as one of the founding members of the German rock band “Die Ärzte”. Photography is another passion of Mr. Urlaub, who “loves traveling most of all”. All works presented at the LUMAS gallery in Berlin (Hackesche Höfe) from the 24th of September to the 2nd of November 2010 originated during a trip to Japan in 2009. Since 1991 photography has been Farin Urlaub’s medium of choice to explore the myths and traditions of foreign countries.

Rakan (Nenbutsu-ji) by Farin Urlaub

As a regular visitor of the LUMAS galleries I can say that today was the day with the highest number of visitors, I can remember. With close to zero air in the exhibition rooms and a very mixed audience (I would guess one half were “Ärzte” or Farin Urlaub Fans and the other half mainly interested in photography), Mr. Urlaub appeared very relaxed, signing autograph cards, chatting to the crowd and posing for pictures.

Maiko (Kyoto) by Farin Urlaub

The aesthetic of Farin Urlaub’s prints corresponds with the ideal of Asian painting and his compositions have a symbolic lightness. The photographic series unrolls the entire palette of Japanese culture, rituals, and traditional ideals in a wide spectrum of fascinating motifs.

Highly recommended !

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