helpful gear

Sometimes, small changes or improvements in the personal PostProduction workflow have a huge impact on the overall efficiency.

Today, I want to present a high-speed intermediate storage drive. All photographers doing large-scale batch processing of hundreds of image files try to optimize their work flow in order to be faster and more efficient. An external SSD drive, connected via Firewire or USB 3.0 can be the solution. For around 150 to 200 Eur one can find the components needed. The drive capacity does not have to be too large, as this drive is not foreseen as a storage or archiving solution, but only to speed up the read-write processes during PostProduction. After the shooting, the image RAW files are transferred to the “PostProduction Drive”. All save-to-disk operations etc. are performed on the SSD drive. Once the PostProduction is finished, the folder containing the RAW-files and the processed image files is moved to the archive (NAS).

Depending on the computer system used the gain in processing time per image can be up to a factor 4.

Stay tuned …

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