Canon CPS Roadshow in Berlin

Canon CPS Roadshow Berlin, 23.11.2010

One of the highlights at the Canon CPS Roadshow was for sure the presentation of the Hartblei HCAM B1. This camera is a digital medium format system that offers much more than being just another camera on the market.

All Backs, All Lenses, Shift- and Tilt, and Full Control! This is the statement, that has to be verified. All lenses no matter whether 35 mm or medium format, can be adapted which allows the use of wideangle lenses from 14mm to Supertele lenses. Depending on the budget and needs all digital backs from all manufacturers can be used. The integrated electronic bladeshutter allows shutter speeds down to 1/4000 sec.

Hartblei HCAM B1, medium format solution

All components are built from 5 mm Aluminium boards and other materials used by industrial control engineering – this guarantees highest robustness and absolutely no vibrations during use. Therefore this camera is perfect for multishot and long exposures. The camera can be operated by the built in foil keyboard or remotely from a computer, using the digital back’s dedicated software.

With a price tag of below 6000 Eur and the large versatility in terms of lenses, digital backs and utilities that can be used, this camera system is not only technically state-of-the-art but also a very economic solution for the professional photographer who can add this camera into his existing collection of gear.

For more information check out the Hartblei HCAM B1 Website.

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