Winona Ryder, Ron Howard and Kevin James in town

Presenting their latest film Dilemma (Dickste Freunde), the press was invited to the Adlon Kempinski Hotel in Berlin yesterday. Around one hundred photographers were nervously waiting in the luxurious ambiance of the hotel for the stars to pose for some pictures.

Photocall at the Adlon Hotel, Berlin

All of them in a really good mood, they showed up for around two minutes. With probably several thousand photographs taken, the press moved to the following press conference (no photo cameras allowed).

The big question was – to summarize the film in one phrase – how one would react if one were to find out that the best friend is being cheated on? Would you tell it to him/her?

Kevin James, Ron Howard, Winona Ryder

Being known for more serious films, Ron Howard appreciated the different type of film and concluded that “finding an unusual fresh story is the key” to a good movie.

Director Ron Howard and Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder was very positive about Germany in general and Berlin in particular and admitted it was her first visit (“I never got invited before”).

Winona Ryder

Being asked, if and when Kevin James was dishonest or unfaithful himself, he switched right back to his role in the film and said “As a best friend you have to tell”.

Kevin James

First comes, first serves. Only minutes after the event, agencies got the images they asked for sent right from the scene.

Time is Money

Stay tuned …

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