Phase One IQ180 presentation

Yesterday’s presentation of the brand new digital back by Phase One was hosted in the Delight Studios, Berlin. A few of the ten prototypes were available for testing with one’s own camera or with one of the multiple cameras around. Besides the impressive 80 MegaPixel resolution, it comes with a huge touch screen and can be operated as easy as an iPhone or iPad, including the typical “finger control gestures”. The PhaseOne 645AF, I was using was additionally equipped with the PhaseOne Vertical Grip, adding additional energy and a Profoto flash trigger.

The on location performance was demonstrated by German Fashion Photographer Stefan Kapfer and his model Verena. Another camera was used to demonstrate high-tec product photography, using a computer controlled motorized opal-glass table with the full light out fit to get 360-degree product shots with a few clicks of the mouse. Depending on the needs and budget one can choose between 80, 60 and 40 MegaPixel resolution. Please check out all the details on the PhaseOne website.

Being familiar with the PhaseOne cameras and backs I was expecting to see the best of camera technology available today. But the presentation of the new and improved features of CaptureOne version 6 came as a big surprise. Totally designed around the needs of the professional photographer who urges for best possible results within reasonable amounts of time, what started as a RAW converter is now a sophisticated workflow application.

A big “Thank you!” goes to the friendly staff of PhaseOne and the people from Delight Studios for a really interesting afternoon.

Stay tuned …

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