1001 Chairs for Ai Weiwei

Since April 3d Ai Weiwei is missing after being arrested while boarding on a flight to Hong-Kong. Today thousands of sympathizers world-wide gathered in front of Chinese Embassies at 13:00 local time to make aware of Weiwei’s unknown fate.

The 53-year-old artist is well-known internationally, and recently exhibited his Sun Flower Seeds installation at the Tate Modern gallery in London as well as helping to design Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium.

Fairytale was the title of Ai Weiwei’s contribution for the 12th Documenta in 2007. For this project Ai Weiwei brought 1001 people from all over China to the small town in Germany called Kassel. They were chosen through an open invitation Weiwei posted on his blog.Even the clothes, luggage and a temporary home in an old textile factory were designed for the event. He let them wander around the city during the exhibition time of three months. The primary design object was not the clothing or suitcases but the participants’ experiences, even their spirits. During the exhibition his monumental outdoor sculpture titled Template, made of wooden doors and windows from destroyed Ming and Qing Dynasty houses (1368–1911), collapsed after a storm. (from wikipedia.org).

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