Most of us are familiar with Murphy’s law (Anything that can go wrong will go wrong). We all know these days where everything goes wrong. Just one short moment of carelessness will lead to disaster.

It’s already late, it’s raining cats and dogs, the parking feels like being a mile away, the (press-)photo job is boring to say the least. But anyhow the ambitious photographer wants to get the best possible image. So, let’s get back to the car and pick up the wide-angle lens that was forgotten before. Trying to avoid the deepest puddles I rushed back to the parking. Opening the trunk, ripping the backpack open, grabbing the lens, a quick click on the power door locks and back to the event. Stop. This is where the misfortune happened. You will see later.

After two more hours that appeared like five to me and with only a miserable amount of photographs on chip, I decided to call it a day and get back to the car. Time for leisure-time. It was dark outside and raining even more. With a quick move I grabbed the backpack and then it happened: The camera with the lens attached fell down on the road! The backpack was left open – not noticed by myself in the dark.

Extremely annoyed about my own stupidity and trying to digest what happened I inspected the damage: The camera itself is working in principle, only the AF-system does not allow me to select all focus points. The cost-estimate from the service center will show if this will become an insurance case. (Having an all-risk insurance for one’s photo and computer gear pays off, if you make your living as a photographer).

By now, I know that the financial damage was kept in limit. In any case, lesson learned !

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