live image transfer

Sometimes it would be nice or even useful to transfer the images live out of the camera to a nearby computer or laptop. During press photo shootings speed is key. The first image uploaded to the news agencies has the biggest chances of selling. During a Portrait- or People Shooting the Customer, Model or Client can see right away what’s captured. Expensive Wireless modules for Pro-cameras or tethered shooting are not new, but wouldn’t it be nice to tune any DSLR that uses SD cards in order to transfer images while they are taken ?

After the recent presentation of Toshiba’s “FlashAir” SD card with built-in LAN functionality now SanDisk is launching a counterattack. Instead of developing its own wireless cards, the company teamed up with Eye-Fi to sell co-branded wireless SD cards to European customers. The cards will be available in 4GB and 8GB sizes, and are basically Eye-Fi cards with a SanDisk logo. At the moment neither prices nor release dates are known.

As soon as the first cards are available I will test them. In the past Eye-Fi cards were reportedly sometimes difficult to operate and not too reliable. In addition a CF-version would make the range of products much more interesting.

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