Shooting with the Canon EOS 1D-X

Yesterday several selected guests could get their hands on the only two (in Germany) pre-series models of the new Canon EOS 1D-X at our studio thanks to CANON and Calumet Photographic, Berlin.

Mr. Martin Wieser (Techn. Representative Retail) gave a very detailed presentation about the stunning features and technical developments all combined in the new top-model that will be available at your local store around April 2012. The main features and specs are of course already on the web since several month but he explained in much more detail how this new camera is trying to make life of the Photographer more easy. Here, I would like to mention only the very sophisticated (adjustable to the shooting  situation) AF, face recognition, freely programmable buttons, the Ethernet-port, the clean and clear menu-structure (there are many, many new functions) and the low-light capability (ISO 6400 is really useable now).

After one minute, I could use it like my own cameras. All the buttons and switches are right where I expect them to be. To learn about all the functions and new features will take much longer, that’s for sure (Like this the camera will stay “new and exciting” for a long time). With a price tag of around 6k Eur it is clearly aimed at the professional photographer, who will find a camera that allows to work fast and efficient in practically any shooting situation.

The resolution of the full-frame CMOS sensor is 18 Megapixel. Why not 20+, 30 or even more ? The answer was interesting: “The current portfolio of EF-lenses would not allow for many lenses to really show the image quality of such a sensor”. Many mainly newer  L-series lenses are capable to stand up to the demands of such sensors. As there are still many “bread and butter” lenses out there that would only give a “sharp image” in the central area of the image, the resolution is “limited to 18 Megapixel” at the moment. This will change in the future.

Enough words, let pictures speak :

I would like to thank Canon Europe, Calumet Photographic Berlin and the whole Central City Studios Berlin team for making this interesting event possible.

Stay tuned …

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