Real Life test: Capture Camera Clip System

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Since a few hours I hold the Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design in my hands.

The Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design keeps your DSLR camera secure and accessible during any physical activity.” – This is how the guys at Peak Design describe the clip.

In this and a few following posts I am reporting about my experience with the capture clip – Let’s call it a “real life test”. I am planning to use it both on location and in my studio.

first test passed!

The first shock I got when I saw a USPS First Class Mail half sticking out of my letter box. The friendly post man was trying to force it in, but he failed and the parcel was pretty much stuck. Knowing about the two clamping bolts, I got a a little nervous. No reason to panic – the cardboard box looked a little stressed but the clip was totally fine !

The clip with the camera adapter plate attached comes in a small little black bag. There’s nothing else, as the clip system is really self-explanatory.

The clip comes in a small black bag

Here we go! The Arca Swiss plate is quickly fixed under my EOS-1D as well as the clip is fixed at my belt. It’s very simple and fast to move in the camera as the clip and the adapter are machined very precisely. My first impression is that the camera with a EF24-70 attached is quite heavy. More than the weight of the camera, the fact that the body of the EOS-1D has the battery compartment directly integrated into the body moves the center of gravity outwards. Due to the additional weight and length of the lens the camera is bending towards my body. I will have to find out what is the best place to attach the clip, if wearing the camera on a belt. Apart from the weight, the camera is sitting very secure and body movements like quickly turning, running or bending do not leave this “I hope nothing will fall” feeling.

Walking longer distances feels a bit uncomfortable, while having the camera at hand on location or in the studio is so nice compared to my usual method of having a small table or an additional tripod nearby, when shooting with two cameras.

After not even 10 minutes I feel like this clip will be an “always with me” part of my gear.

Next I will start experimenting in order to find the best position along my belt to attach the clip to …


As already expected, walking longer distances with an EOS-1D attached to your belt is not very comfortable. But during the shooting the clip performs great ! I prefer a position a little bit more to the side (Cowboy-style).

A Lovely model, me and my Capture Clip in action …

In less than three seconds I am ready take my picture ….

My preferred studio position for the Capture Clip

There must be a way to release some of the weight of the heavy camera … I am working on it, so Stay tuned !


Using a carabiner to optimize the weight distribution.

I found out how to make the CAPTURE clip perform very well with a PRO-DSLR on the belt. First thing is a thick piece of leather or similar to be positioned under the belt where the capture clip is attached. It simply serves as an additional padding. The more important part is a camera strap that I use diagonally over my body with a small carabiner to just latch the supporting loop of my camera. With the length of the setup adjusted in a way that the camera is not bending down when attached to the capture clip, walking longer distances and moving around actively becomes very comfortable as the pressure on the hips of a heavy camera hanging downwards is not there any more.

The capture clip in use on location.

During shooting attaching the camera simply with the capture clip works perfectly fine. For longer walks the additional fixation makes this a very comfortable solution.

Problem solved, I would say!

Here we see a happy Photographer who is using the capture clip ever single day.

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