How to find inspiration ?

or why free projects are so important – both for your creativity and for business. It happens to all of us. We try to do our best every day – which is something good of course. But it’s also dangerous in a way. Taking head shots as an example. Over the years I optimized my “glamor beauty light” studio setup. It looks fancy, cool, my clients love it and I get booked because of this look. This is something good – no doubt. The ‘dangerous’ aspect about it is, that this risks to end up with a ‘standard lighting’ scenario , where only the faces being photographed change while the overall look of the images stay the same. Some might call it a ‘signature look’. I see a certain danger in this. The step from signature style to ‘Oh this is boring’ is small.

Thinking out of the box, trying new things, breaking rules, experimenting, modifying your props, playing with new gear. There are many ways how one can approach this. I am constantly absorbing all ‘artistic influences’ around me, I can possibly find. I do not have the time to really put into effect all of my ideas. So, in order to not forget them, I write them down in a little book, I keep in my studio.

It happened more than once that some client-to-be found some of my images shot as a free, personal project of mine and contacted me in order to get the permission to use these images or to shoot in this particular style.

My advice: It’s important to keep a fresh and clean mind and actively work on one’s creativity. It does not come for free (at least for most of us).

Stay tuned …

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