Is Fuji’s Kaizen philosophy only a marketing gag?

I do believe – very much – it’s not just a marketing gag. Over many many month now, also “old” cameras got serious updates. And this is one of the reason why so many Photographers stick to those amazing little cameras …


Fujifilm x100s in spring Fujifilm x100s in spring

One reason to switch from Nikon to Fuji was Fuji’s Kaizen philosophy (Kai=change Zen=good).
This means, that Fuji will improve their cameras by firmware updates. And this even after months or years after the release. And even after the release of the successor. So the X100 got an autofocus improvement after the release of the X100s.

You might say, that that a good camera should be ready at release and don’t need an improvement. I think, both is true. Some of the “improvements” Fuji should have at the release. Especially because the cameras are quite expensive. But some things you will recognize after some usage.

Now fujirumors say, there will be no more improvements for the X100s. That’s very pity for me, because I love this camera.
Yes, I could buy the successor, the X100T. But for a camera with a fixed lens it is…

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