FUJI X-Pro2 / XF100-400 / hi-ISO

One question I get asked on a daily basis now is how the new 24 MP FUJIFILM X-Trans III sensor performs in the hi ISO region above ISO 6400. Partner in crime was the new FUJINON Super-Zoom lens XF100-400  1:4,5-5,6 R LM OIS WR. In order to find out, I used a rainy and dark night in Hamburg’s Hafencity for a little test shooting under harsh conditions. It was super windy – even with a heavy tripod in use the camera was constantly vibrating. Being sceptic about the sharpness of my images changed to a big smile on my face, looking on the LCD-screen of the X-Pro2 : The performance of the image stabilzer was visible right away !

Shutter speeds were in the range of 1/25 up to 3 seconds here! Taking the shooting conditions into account, the image sharpness is more than impressive. In terms of noise the hi-ISO images show no unpleasant artefacts and a high amount of detail especially in the low-key areas.

All four images are straight out of camera jpg-files (with no adjustments or alterations done in Postproduction) and were only downsized in Photoshop. Next step will be a processing of the .RAF files in order to maximize the amount of detail in the final image. Be aware that the firmware is not yet final either.


As usual, Thanks for watching and


Stay tuned …

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