Again … Kaizen

Regular readers and FUJI X-connaisseurs know that constantly practically all cameras and lenses get free upgrades via new versions of the firmware. The latest firmware series included a total of seven cameras and eleven lenses. Let me post the link to the official FUJIFILM Firmware page here again.

While the official description e.g. for version 4.31 (FUJIFILM X-T1) simply reads “enhances the accuracy of Manual focus adjustment” some hidden functions are only mentioned in the more detailed Firmware update history for each camera model.

Version 4.20 brought a very useful feature to the FUJIFILM X-T1: Firing flash in burst mode (CL or CH). Due to some malfunctions in this version it was replaced by 4.21 after just a few days – with that feature removed again.

Version 4.30 fixed this. Fellow Photographer Filipe Morais sent me this little video to demonstrate this.

The camera design in terms of hardware (processor, sensor readout etc.) allows major new functions (new AF system e.g.) and improved performance in terms of (AF-)speed as these components are “overdesigned” at the time of initial release of the camera (with the initial firmware). Take the X-Pro1 as an example. This camera was launched back in March 2012 and still gets firmware upgrades.

The camera does not really get old – it matures meaning it gets constantly better.


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