Chasing light

In principle we all know – Boring or let me say unspectacular light ruins the shot. Too often I hear statements like “I can pimp the shot in Post” meaning color adjustments and tuning in Photoshop or using the so en vogue filter software packages that promise to transform each single image into a “masterpiece”.

Tonight was such a day where a few minutes of magic light made an architecture shoot a magic happening. Looking at the images straight out of camera left me with my mouth open. I do not want to argue with the Photoshop masters among my audience now – I truly believe that the perfect light, captured in the right moment makes a visible difference. Judge yourself:

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Thanks for watching. Comments are most welcome !

One thought on “Chasing light

  1. Lieber Peter,

    I agree! Tolle Stimmungen, zudem die Erinnerung an Berlin noch frisch ist. War schön dich zu treffen! lg Wini

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