Single Moments

We’ve been all there – We all know this. There’s an idea in your head, you think it’s a good one, maybe even a great one. You give it a go and then after a while you have to admit you overestimated the effort, the creative input and the persistence necessary to  make it really happen.

What am I talking about? A couple of weeks ago, I had the idea to work on (and publish of course) a daily (!) image series, that would simply showcase single moments of my daily life as a Photographer, as seen through the lens of my camera – not conceptual works or serious projects – simply moments that triggered my interest in capturing them. The online portfolio can be found here: Single Moments. “At least one frame per day – That’s my ambition.” In this respect I already failed. Adding meaningless shots of arbitrary images would make no sense at all. What makes a shot worth being included in the collection? I would tell my students something like “The image has to grab your attention, tell a story – an interesting one of course – and be captured in a unique way to my the subject stand out”. Wow. That sounds impressive. In the past weeks there were simply too many images that I kept on the hard drives of my server without even considering them to be a single moment shot (aka SMS, I like that one. Have you seen my latest SMS can cause funny situations depending who you ask). I never really intended to burry the idea and stopp it, I only had the strong feeling the concept itself needs a modification and adaption to what I initially wanted to achieve with it. Long story short, my Single Moments will be published on this blog (at least for now) and be a mixed work of images, stories, thoughts and observations – pure and unfiltered.

I wish myself good luck with this and ask you – my dear reader – to kick me and remind me if you have the feeling I am drifting away. It can be done, no doubt about that. Have a look at Casey Neistat’s vlog on his YouTube channel. There’s an episode every other day and this means having the idea for an interesting story, his audience will appreciate, shooting the footage and then editing and publishing. Kudos for you, Casey as this is not your only job.

Here we go: The goals are set, the word is out. After this rather long introduction, Let’s start single_moment#00101082017. I had some idea, half an hour ago, but while writing this part here I got this eMail, I have to share with you (original in German language):


I wanted to sell a pair of shoes and got offered paid foot massages. Wow.

Short translation: This is an eBay advert I am running since quite a while. I am simply trying to sell a pair of shoes not in use anymore. A gentlemen, let’s call him simply Mr. Andreas is offering his services as a foot massage expert (well he claims to be still learning) and wants to pay me 20€ per hour. Only foot massages, nothing more or less. He’s 35 years old and good looking.

Let’s do the math: 5 hours while reading mail, writing letters, being on the phone …. Just kidding. This is fore sure one of the more bizarre eMails in my Inbox in recent weeks.


Stay tuned …


PS.: Would YOU write him back?

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