In order to improve the handling, size and weight of the X-Pro1 I am using the iShoot L-bracket type grip. This nicely CNC-machined aluminum piece optimizes the use of the camera and allows full access to the battery and memory card compartment as well as the micro-USB connector. The tripod mount is centered again – a nice additional feature.

iShoot Grip.

iShoot Grip.

iShoot Grip.

iShoot Grip.

iShoot Grip.

iShoot Grip.

In order to widen the use of the 35mm equiv. X100/S/T camera there are now/will be soon two adapters available: The WCL-X100 wide angle adapter (0,8x magnification) which transforms the 2.0/35 lens of the camera into a 28mm wide angle lens. The adapter is a high-quality machined piece of gear with an all glass optical construction using four elements in three groups. It comes with the renown FUJINON Super EBC coating and is available in silver and black.

The TCL-X100 adapter – more specifics to come – converts the 23mm lens to a “normal focal length prime” of 50mm. A fantastic trio now for people and street Photographers.

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